Nondual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy with a nondual orientation is about working from presence—the nondual awareness that is already awake, open, and naturally compassionate. From the silence and patience of an open heart, the non-dual therapist brings presence and a kind listening to the client. Psychotherapy, by its very nature, is a dual practice.  However, nonduality includes this dual perspective as an expression of its own undivided nature. The undivided nature of awareness invites difficult issues, emotions and human sufferings as doorways or portals to a deeper wisdom within. From here, both client and therapist together dismantle the false, learned, historical self, to reveal a deeper dimension of a true self. 

A nondual therapist works from true nature and is therefore able to provide direction and solutions that are sourced in an infinite intelligence. The more a therapist recognizes their true nature, the more they are able to see and feel it shining in their clients and invite it forwards. In the company of another who touches into infinite being, we can gradually come to know ourselves as the same being.Coming together in this all-inclusive, all-embracing awareness within the relational field between client and therapist provides an optimal environment for transformation.