Awakened Relating

A Guide to Embodying Undivided Love in Intimate Relationships

Discover the source of Love and find lasting fulfillment in relationships through Awakened Relating. This book offers the deepest, most lasting solution to relationship struggles—the discovery that we are never separate from others or from the source of Love, which is our own true nature.

This discovery, along with the tools provided in this book, are all that you need to heal relational wounding and find lasting fulfillment in intimate relationships. Awakened Relating is a cutting edge book that takes the exploration of spirituality and relationship to the next level and guides you step by step into directly experiencing your loving, undivided nature, and then shows you how to live that in the real-life challenges to intimate relating.

This book offers practical, clear and concise guidance for awakened relating through providing:

·     Instructions for recognizing and awakening to the source of Love, your most essential nature
·     Guidance for embodying awakened relating in practical ways with examples and stories from others who are practicing this. 

Connecting with the source of Love and bringing this deeper truth to our relationship issues has the power to transform them at their root.This book offers practical application of this wisdom to resolve relationship issues such as:  

·     Communication
·     Conflict resolution
·     Relational wounding and trauma
·     Insecure attachment patterns
·     Sexuality
·     Self-love 

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excerpt from the book:

“Awakened relating is relying on whatever sense we have of our deeper nature and allowing its infinite wisdom to resolve all relation- ship issues. This is the deepest of all solutions because it goes to the root of all problems—the sense of a divided self that arises from being out of touch with our undivided nature. When we pull weeds out by the top, they appear to be gone temporarily, but they grow back. When we pull them out by the root, they don’t grow back. If there’s no belief in a separate self, there are no problems. There are situations that may need attention, but the perception of a problem comes from the fear- based, imaginary separate self. Solutions to relationship problems that are created out of a dualistic consciousness are often temporary, and the problem arises again, possibly in another form. It can go on endlessly. We don’t need to solve every single problem that arises in relationship; we just need to find the one solution that resolves them all. This book is about resolving relationship problems at the root.”