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Awakened Relating: A Twelve Week Group

Learn to Discover and Embody Ever-Present Love & True Intimacy

Monday or Thursday evenings, starting November 12th
Three evenings per month, for the next four months
Location TBA, Grass Valley, CA

We all want to love and be loved. To feel truly connected with another person is one of the most longed-for experiences in life. However, if you’re like most people—including the most spiritually awake among us—you may find yourself struggling in relationships. The primary reason for much of our frustration, pain, and disappointment in intimate relationships is the belief that we’re all separate, from love and one another. This belief, along with the negative experience that arise from it, can cause endless problems in intimate relating.

Through experiential exercises, sharing, dialogue, teachings, and individual and group process, we will explore Awakened Relating—a more evolved approach to navigating conflict, communication, sexuality, and healing in relationships. You will be guided to come to know an ever-present, undivided love that makes it possible to finally resolve the psychological triggers that keep you from creating the harmonious, loving relationships you seek.

The topics for each week will be:

  • Introduction to awakened relating

  • How to awaken to one's essential nature

  • Finding genuine self love

  • Falling in love (with life)

  • Relational wounding and trauma 

  • Healing relational wounding

  • Awakened conflict resolution 

  • Awakened communication 

  • Awakened sexuality

  • Staying awake together in relationship

  • True intimacy 

  • Love in action (bringing awakened relating to our troubled world). 

The group is for everyone, whether in an intimate relationship or not, and for both men and women.

Please fill out this form to reserve your space for the course and you will be contacted with date, time and location details prior to the first meeting. Thank you for your interest!

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