The Keys to Self Love: Awakening to the True Self 

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine - Issue 21, Winter 2019

True self-love is not some exalted spiritual ideal, but a real, highly accessible experience than can begin as soon as you let it.

Freedom from a Core Belief: Unworthiness 

Published on July 3, 2018 -

quote from the article:

“No matter how much she tried to change herself, Rebecca could not find freedom from the nagging sense of unworthiness that seemed to be at the core of her sense of self. Even after losing weight and getting the career she wanted, self-acceptance eluded her. Rebecca remained sure that if she found a man who truly loved her, then she would finally be free from the painful belief that she was unworthy of love. The sad truth is that this belief prevented her from being able to attract, or let in, such a relationship.”


Awakened Activism: Being Empowered to Transform our World

Published on December 29, 2017 -

quote from the article:

“We are facing global challenges as we move into the 2018 New Year and our world becomes increasingly out of balance. Life is showing us that living within dualistic consciousness and the illusion of separation does not serve us. We are all being called to wake up to the non-dual truth of our shared being and find solutions in an infinite intelligence beyond our conditioned mind.”


The Ultimate Secure Base: Healing Insecure Attachment in the Nondual Field

Published in 2013 on Undivided, The Online Journal of Nonduality and Psychology

quote from the article:

“I see the belief in separation as the root cause of insecure attachment. And, if we do not release insecure attachment at its root, it is not fully healed or transformed. Some might argue that inadequate parenting is the root cause. However, it could be said that generations of inadequate parenting have originated in the belief that we are separate from one another. And, even if the parenting is adequate, it will still fall short of true security since that cannot be found in any relationship based in separation.”


Healing Trauma in the Eternal Now

Chapter in The Sacred Mirror: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy, 2003

quote from the chapter:

“Transformation takes place in the present moment. Our past traumas can be resolved only in the here and now. This resolution involves an open receptivity to what appears each moment without any form of resistance, interpretation or identification. By Fully allowing what is, moment-by-moment, all experience finds its natural resolution.”